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All you need to know about the Rules
for Club Competitions


The monthly competition conducted from February to November inclusive is the responsibility of the Chief Steward and comprises eight or more sections as set out in the Competition Table.


JUDGING:  A point system is used for each section:

3 points for First Place 

2 points for Second Place

1 point for Third Place


Points are determined by the Chief Steward based upon points earned by ‘personal choice’ judging by all members of Tewantin-Noosa Garden Club present on the day.


A Club Champion will be determined as the competitor winning the most points overall, with 2nd and 3rd places allocated to the competitors with the next highest point score overall.  An Encouragement Award may be given to the best new exhibitor at the discretion of the Chief Steward.


The Annual Club Champion will hold, for that year, the Club’s Perpetual Trophy duly engraved.  This work of art has been painted and donated by the late Lesley Fishbourne, who was a talented member of our Club.


Where applicable, stable clear bottles or jars are to be used for competition specimens.  Container size should be adjusted in accordance with the height and size of specimen it contains



Notwithstanding any rules contained elsewhere, the following ten basic requirements always apply:


1.    Monthly competitions are open only to financial members.

2.    Exhibits must be grown by the competitor for at least  three (3) months.

3.    Exhibits must be on display by 1pm until the close of the   


       Once benched, exhibits must not be handled or removed by any person 

       other than the stewards.

4.    Competitors must be in attendance at the club meeting when submitting 


5.    A competitor may exhibit a maximum of three (3) entries in any section.

6.   Competitors must place their name ticket face down with their exhibit.

7.   Competitors are responsible for their own exhibits.

8.   The sale of exhibits is prohibited.  However, if competitors choose to do so,   

       they may donate their produce exhibit to the Trade Table with 100% of the  

       proceeds to be given to the Club.  All exhibits must remain on the   

       Competition Table until the close of the meeting.  Any other exhibits, eg. 

       potted plants, may only be sold by placing them on the Trade Table at a 

       later meeting.

9.   Stewards are available for advice.

10. The Chief Steward's decision is final.

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